have you ever felt…

like you just got punched in the stomach? not a real punch, but that proverbial punch that is delivered by a person, place or thing. the kind of punch that you know is coming down the road, but you are not sure when it will actually happen.

it’s the kind of thing that rocks you to your core and throws you off balance for a day, week, month or even year. (hopefully it only does that for a few hours or a day max!)

well, today i had one of those moments. after a letter and a casual conversation, i felt as though my entire world was coming down around me. i got to a point where i couldn’t breath and i needed to escape. the problem is that my escape needed to be something that would only allow me to re-group and then hit the situation head on.

after taking some time and spending it in my favorite coffee shop in Modesto, i now feel like i can conquer the world, again!


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