i am going to vote before i go into the office. this is my second time not voting in sacramento and there are some big issues being decided upon in sacramento tomorrow. apparently the ballot is 127 pages long, the longest ever in sacramento county voting history. wow, now that’s a ballot that would turn anyone off… including myself, almost.

it is our duty to vote. there are people in other countries who have fought all of their lives for the privilege to vote, to decide how their country should be run. i really don’t care enough to publicly support one candidate or proposition or be against one publicly. i just care that people vote. period.

my poly sci prof told us one day that if we told people that we don’t care who they vote for as long as they vote, we are lying to them as well as to ourselves. well to professor barth, and all the other poly sci freaks who feel the same way, you are wrong. i truly don’t care who you vote for as long as you vote! get off you butt and do one of two things: get to the polling place, fill in the little bubble and turn in your ballot; or march down to your voters registration office and apply to be a permanent absentee voter. it really can’t get an simpler than that.

oh, and here’s the other thing… if you don’t vote… shut up!!! you can’t complain because the federal, state or local government does something to tick you off, because guess what… you didn’t use your opportunity to make a choice about how things should be governed… so shut up!


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