i’m a Christian

i truly think that the apple commercials are pure genius. only some marketing person who is stuck in a cubical in the middle of the silicon valley working for apple computer would come up with something that is so out of the box and great! (ok, so it’s probably a consulting firm based in the city or new york or somewhere glamorous like that, but let me live in my delusional word.)

i knew that it would only be time before some church snatched up the idea and made some parody of the commericals. (btw: my favorite of the commericals is the one that i saw tonight, where the mac and pc guy is sitting down talking to therapist… hilarious!)

so here comes this church, not sure where they are, but they post the parodies that they make, which are the three former posts. not only did they find two guys who pulled it off looks wise, but also acting wise. and not to mention that i absolutely love the messages that they are conveying.

one being a “Christian” and the other being a “Christ follower.” what struck my while watching these, through the laughter, i realized that there are many people who are awesome Christians, but they have not gotten or have lost the concept of what a true “Christ follower” truly is.

i worshipped at a big church tonight. i like the worship, i can close my eyes and concentrate on God. i don’t have to worry about where i am in the hymnal or if i am singing on key, i just make a joyful noise to the Lord, which what we are asked to do. during on of the prayer times i opened my eyes and looked around and wondered how many people are “Christ followers” here? i know that when i do that at my church i know that the answer will be small.

being a “Christ follower” is a lifestyle choice. it’s something to be done and something to live out, not something we just are and live it passively. it’s active, it requires action on everyone’s part. it’s fulfilling the great commandment to go out into the world. it’s loving God and then our neighbor. it’s being in a relationship with God and then in relationship with others. it’s actively pursuing God on a yearly, monthly, weekly, daily, hourly and minutely basis. it’s taking ever breathing moment that we are privileged to have on this planet and use it for God.

wow, that’s a tall order!


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