God rocks!

today i journeyed to rocklin to meet with the director of the degree completion program at william jessup university. from the moment i woke up this morning, well actually since about yesterday, i wanted to cancel the appointment and was ready to chicken out of the whole idea.

as i merged onto the freeway this morning in modesto i didn’t want to go, so i called my mom and made plans to have lunch with her so that i would follow through with this and not turn around. while having lunch with her, she regaled me with the newest family tales. i began to really question if i wanted to move back or not. i left the house and began the rest of my journey to rocklin, and the urge to turn around grew larger with every mile. i kept telling myself that i wanted to find out that the program was not for me and that there is no way in all of reality that this would work out.

as i sat in a small conference room talking with the director of the program, i began to listen carefully to what i was saying. i was on autopilot. the works that were coming out of me were genuine and real. they were the things that i have been feeling, they were from the place that God has brought me to through this past year.

after a campus tour and answers to a few more questions, i walked away excited. but that wasn’t the greatest part of it. the best part of all of it was the the moment i made my ascent towards the administration building, God took away all the anxiety that had been building up these last couple of days about this. i didn’t want to come here, fall in love with the school and the program, for my heart to be crushed by something so trivial as money or a prerequisite.

the money process still needs to be started and the application has been filled out and there are a few more components to put into place before i have the official acceptance and the such… but thus far God has opened doors that i have never really thought of and he has continued to do so.

for the first time in a long time i feel like i have some direction in my life, as well as some hope for some great possibilities. all this is because God rocks!


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