the joy of costco therapy

i have officially reached a new plateau in my ongoing adventure of being an adult… i am now my own costco membership. yes, i know its something trivial and small on the grand scheme of things…  but i have now cut the one lasting tie to my mom by having my own membership.

while i was perusing the ails of costco yesterday i realized the joy that is found in bulk buying. i realized i missed the smell of the bakery cranking out muffins and cakes by the truck load. i missed the costco shuffle… you know where you turn a corner and there are two samplers on each corner and three or four people with shopping carts who have stopped in the middle of the aisle blocking all possibilities of getting to the other side.

yes, the grandness of costco does not go unrecognized by this middle class consumer. in fact it is lovingly embraced. call me a typical american who over indulges at large warehouse shopping meccas, but i really don’t care. i love costco and most everything about it. the only thing i would change would be to add an express lane for those two random purchases outside of the regular visit, because i really don’t like waiting in line by someone who is buying a month worth of food for twelve kids!


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