almost six years ago i bought my first car. i was fortunate to be able to pay cash for it and not have the need to take on a car loan, although it would have been better for my credit in the long run… oh, well. so, i bought a nissan sentra. it’s a great car. sensible, reliable and somewhat fun. after six years of use, the cd player doesn’t work anymore which does provide a source of frustration for this music lover, but i get over it.

i stumbled across a blog the other day about a guy who was living in his car for seven days. after further investigation, not only is he living in a 2007 sentra, but he is doing so after hearing the new claim from nissan "you can pretty much live in it."

now i have never attempted to live out of my sentra for even one day, but i have done a lot in it, including moving. (i was pleasantly surprised as to how much of my crap i could actually stuff into my car.)

i have been highly entertained by reading what has happened in the course of the seven days.


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