it’s just after…

1 a.m., on a Thursday morning and i have a house full of kids! the hollemans and the rhoys, my entire youth group to be exact!

i did what i feel like my purpose is here on earth to do today. i spent the afternoon with a family in crisis, bring there to do what ever needed to be done. i talked to the police, sheriffs, cps, behavioral health, psychologists, psychiatrists, more cops and a social worker who just royally pissed me off! now, i have a house full of kids… the more the merrier!

one of them said to me: "i bet you can’t wait to have kids!" (then proceeded to laugh)

the truth of the matter is, no i really can’t wait to be a mom. i want to be a mom. i want my life defined by the schedule of my kids and husband. but i also want to be able to help families who are in crisis. i want to be there for them when their kids make dumb choices, or the parents make dumb choices. i want to love on families like Jesus loves on the church.

i was in my zone today! now time to get to my other zone… sleep!


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