the longer i live…

the bigger fan of prearranged marriage i am becoming. (a very yoda way of saying this!)

now, for clarification sake, this is not about parents trying to make their kids to something they are not, nor is this about big brother telling us who to marry and how to live. this is about God having a better matching system for finding our spouse. maybe a number, kind of like a social security number but a more Godly number, or a symbol that matches with only one person.

i guess one could say that i am a believer in the "soul mate" concept, but i really would never label myself that. i do think that God has created a purpose for us and in that purpose there is someone we are supposed to ride this roller coaster of a life with, a partner to share things with. a man who will love me just as Christ loves the church, and a man that i can honor and love.

so, then where the heck is he?

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