morning phone call

one of my best friends called this morning. here is the conversation…
(a = me, j = her)

a: hello?
j: did i wake you?
a: no, my alarm just went off, but i haven’t gotten out of bed yet.
j: ok… so i just had a dream that i died.
a: ok…
j:i went to heaven, which already makes this scary…
a: ok…
j: but when i got there, i was walking around. i saw my dad, i saw Jesus and then there was God…
a: ok, and…
j: do you know who God looked like?
a: no, who?
j: homer simpson, a really big homer simpson… and his hair was like dreads…
a: (the only possible response to this is laughter!) so, God has dreads?!?
j: no, they are really not like dreads, but more like how shirley temple’s hair was…
a: with ringlets?
j: yes!
a: so let me get this… you just woke up from a dream about you dying, going to heaven, seeing your dad, Jesus and God, who looked a big home simpson with ringlets like shirley temple?!? did you drink last night.
j: no, i just took some sinus meds because i have to work tonight and i am trying to go back to sleep…
a: ok, then… that was quite a dream!

i hung up the phone and knew that this was a conversation that i would need to share! enjoy!


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