it’s just a rollercoaster

i have never been big on the roller coaster of relationships. and i am not talking about friends or work peers or any type of relationships along those lines… i am speaking of pure, straight romantic relationships.

i will be the first to say that i have not a ton of practical experience in this realm of the relationship coaster, but i do have the book work. i have spent years and invested my hard earned money into figuring out what makes a relationship tick and move forward and be great. the papers written, the hours spent talking with friends picking apart their relationships and trying to piece them back together, the years of watching my parents and telling myself that there is no way on this planet that i will be doing that to myself or any kids that i am blessed with. ladies and gentleman, i saw the good, the bad and the ugly and knew what i wanted in lieu of all that.

so here i am in a practical place, and on the proverbial launch pad to add some practical experience to all the book work that has accumulated over the years… and before i know it.. the launch is scrubbed.

what’s with this… i don’t get it, nor do i like it. in what realm of reality or common decency does a human being spend time building up and getting to another human being, and vice versa, to just fall off the face of the planet one day and never to acknowledge their existence again?

granted there were no commitments, no promises made… but there was a connection. a connection that one had never really experienced before. a connection that went beyond explanation and straight to a great possible match. the emotion, the heart, the time, the energy, the choices, the people… all of this was something. and then, there was nothing.

what’s up with that?


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