did a little research on the "hyphy" movement. here are some findings…

  • this is a bay area, hip-hop movement
  • could be considered a sub-culture of the hip-hop culture
  • involves dancing or getting hyphy, which means to move in a wild or ridiculous manner
  • a big part of the culture is using drugs and alcohol
  • there is a car element of the culture: involves driving a car in circles and or people dancing on the hood of cars

here are some articles:

i think the most interesting thing that i have found thus far it that the movement was spawned out of a group of hip-hop artists who wanted to be recognized beyond their southern california hip-hop counterparts. yes there are differences in the music, but the desire to be unique and not associated with so cal hip-hop culture has spurred the movement of this additional sub-culture to spread beyond the east bay.
currently the hyphy movement is making it’s way east, and is evolving. asking someone in modesto, california (only an hour and a half from oakland) what hyphy is, and the definition begins blur from the origin. it becomes more of a ritual dance than a movement. law enforcement views it as a gang activity and riots in the streets.

the bottom line, here is another group of people who are desiring to recognized for something. sociologists tells us that the origins of gangs and their success can all be tied into the sense of belonging to something that they don’t have anywhere else in their lives. that sense of family that escapes people can leave a large hole, and the first thing to come along is the gang and they do a good at filling the hole.

so, where is the church?

well, the church itself is struggling to be noticed. and, there are people groups in different denominations that are struggling to be noticed as well. the problem here lies with putting aside scripture for human need, and not realizing that human need is something that can only be truly filled by the Word. the moment we put aside the Word, is the very moment that we are denying God and His ability to bring the community and family together.

more to come…


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