carl jelle

as i laid in my bed, finally sleeping and not coughing, carl jelle crashed a late model buick into a parking lot gate at sunrise mall in citrus heights, ca. carl wasn’t using his seat belt and the air bags in the white sedan were no match for the force of the car crashing into the gate at estimated speeds of 70 miles per hour.

until now i never really stopped to think about carl, the jelle family and the impact all of them have had on my life. sure i have appreciated the many great conversations that i have had with joanne and wisdom that has come from many dinners with her and the other ladies. but stopping to think about how someone has impacted your life only tends to occur when something significant has happened.

monday morning i will be attending carl’s memorial service. i will remember the moments that i spent with him and the family. i will remember knowing that God not only planned for carl to be in the jelle’s family for just him, but also for the family. i know with confidence that carl was able to approach the thrown of grace with confidence that his heart was full of love for Jesus.

although he may have not been making great decisions or doing great things when he died, carl will leave a legacy for family and friends that would not exist without him having been brought into the family that God crafted for him so beautifully.


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