i surfed on over to the tv guide page today and this was the poll question for the day:

Does the threat of early cancellation make you reluctant to watch new serial dramas?

  Yes. I don’t want to invest in a story line if the networks will rob me of the conclusion.
  No. I’ll take the risk. Why deprive myself of a good show just because of past failures?

normally these are just silly things that get the reader to engage more with the site and thus be exposed to even more advertising. but when i read this one, i was really taken back by it. are we, American’s, so afraid of commitment that we are concerned that we can’t commit to something as small as a tv show, without being concerned if it will be there next week?

many of my youth pastor friends and i are often engaging in a conversation about commitment, commitment from kids, parents, others in the church and sometimes the church itself. one of the latest statistics i read said that in ten years the USA will only be 4 percent church-going-Christians and the other 96 will most likely be some form of a religion.

no kidding that people are not staying in church and committing to the church. if people are worried about committing to a new tv show, it completely makes sense that people are not going to commit to a church.

so i leave with this question: what would the world look like if Jesus did not commit to follow the plan that God had for Him?


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