let me introduce you to sarah. she is a 29 year old woman who lives and works in new york city. she has enlisted the help of jane magazine to hunt the east coast, or possibly the country or even the world, to find a man that she will hand over her virginity to before her 30th birthday .

yes, you read that right… the man she will lose her virginity too! not marry or have a committed, serious long term relationship with. just the man she will loose her virginity to before she turns 30 in November!

this is a crazy and wild, but perfect, example of the sexualized world that we live in. no talk about a relationship or marriage or anything emotional, she is just in it for sex. this takes me back to the Sex in the City episode where Carrie looked at the idea of "having sex like a man, no emotional attachment," and then asked the question: "can a woman have sex like a man"?

within the confines of postmoderrnism, i am sure that there is some justification about for a woman to have sex like a man and a man to have sex like a woman. but biblically, where is the justification? in fact, many Christians have subscribed to the thought that if they are in a committed relationship, and they know they are getting married, and are in fact engaged to do so, then having sex is an OK thing to do… after all they are getting married.

God has such a better plan for us than anything that jane magazine can come up with. His plan includes love, respect, commitment and sex! God says that sex is good and a gift that He has given to those who are in a committed marriage relationship. too often and too many of us, think otherwise and run towards the self-gratification that is found momentarily in a sexual experience outside of a loving, committed relationship.

our culture has made sex to be a thing that we need to achieve in order to be whole person, but in reality sex outside of marriage only strips us of God’s true plans for our life.


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