the end

the time has come to say goodbye to Sacramento. i will be leaving this fair city tomorrow morning, actually in just a few hours.

i am sad, but i also feel like i have been given the boost to do what i need to do. this was a great time here. i was able to reconnect with people whom i love and adore, figure out some answers to some really difficult questions as well as making some really important decisions. all in all this was a great little vacation.

did not get a chance to do: zelda’s pizza, mikuni sushi, zoo, hang out at tupelo,

things i did: lunch with jack, breakfast at the fox & goose, dinner at ernesto’s, house hunting with jennifer, time with donna, time with jessica, new cell phone, time with mom, got old pics of did, dinner & target cruising with katie, tour  the mormon temple, think about  Jesus, chat with linda baker (my favorite church receptionist in the world!), iced mocha from tupelo, driving around sacramento, lunch at jack’s urban eats, dinner at macaroni grill, dinner with stephens and jennifer, went to a wedding, saw a lot of people whom i haven’t seen in a long time, shopped at ikea (although not buying anything for myself, but for brandon and teresa)

wow!now looking back, those were a packed couple of days. no wonder why i am so tired and want to go to sleep!

sweet dreams!


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