while on the freeway…

i was heading up to folsom from sacramento this evening for some friends wedding and i had this thought:

several years back when it seemed like everyone was getting married and i wasn’t, i told God that i wanted to live somewhere else, so that i could come back for people’s weddings.

well, i got that tonight. i came back as well as timing my vacation to happen within the confines of a friends wedding. i guess i never realized that when i asked for something, within God’s impeccable timing, that it would actually materialize into something that would truly happen. wow!

i did ask God for that situation, i just didn’t ask so specifically that i mentioned something like: how about when i live in chicago or new york or washington dc or seattle. nope, i had to leave it open for interpretation, thus the calling the ceres.

i should know better… having fun yet, God?


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