new adventure

i began a new adventure yesterday… i had my first golf lesson. not only did i like it, but i also impressed one of my instructors. he was amazed at my swing considering that i have never picked up a golf club in my life. and i did ask about mini-golf, and no it does not count!

so there i was at the golf course, hitting golf balls onto the green of the driving range. golf is great! i final get why my grandparents golfed like three times a week, when they were physically able. and boy, did i get exercise. this is an exciting development. not only will it get me out of my house, but it will also get me moving, which is really a good thing!

after my lesson i went and bought a set of golf clubs. went to several places and ended up at copelands sports, spending more money than i thought that i would on a set, but it is a complete set of clubs.

so now i am an owner of golf clubs and needing to go to the driving range for some practice. that’s really all i can do right now, considering i haven’t had any other lessons.


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