more on vbs

if i didn’t say it before, i will say it now… vbs is my favorite week on the church calendar!
(ok, so i have said it before, but i don’t think that i have actually ever written it!)

today was the typical thursday slump. we put a ton of energy into wednesday because that is the day where kids have the opportunity to ask Jesus into their heart. small things happened that threw us off our game, but in the end we really didn’t care.

during out opening gathering time this morning, one character in the drama was supposed to knock a basket of fruit out of the hands of another character. by compete accident he completely knocked her off her feet! they did an awesome job at the recovery and kept going. later in the morning i did a reenactment, completely not on purpose, when i tried to sit down in a toddler chair and completely missed the chair and ended up on the floor with my feet up in the air. i recovered by laying there and telling everyone that i just wanted to see what the view was like from down there.

the kids are learning about Jesus and walking away with smiles on their faces, and the adults have smiles on their faces as well. all in all, things are going great!

tomorrow is the last day, and even though i am extremely tired, that makes me really sad. i will have to wait another year for my favorite week to come around again!


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