castor relinquishes power

so fidel gives power to his brother, on a temporary basis, who is just five years his junior. but after he recovers from major gastrointestinal surgery, fidel will no doubt reclaim power of cuba.

if i was in his place, and in no way am i saying that i want to rule over a communist country on a tropical island, although the idea of being on a tropical island sounds kind of appealing right now… i wonder if a church has an opening for a non-spanish speaking youth director, just a thought…. but i would just suck it up and retire. he will be 80 in a couple of weeks, how much longer can the man really take. granted he has survived numerous attacks from the united states to remove him from power, personally i think those were all a ploy and they were just wearing him down… they are taking the long range plan.

i have always wanted to visit cuba before fidel dies, because i do think he will die in office… the stubborn old goat that he is. not sure why i have a odd fascination with cuba in the current fidel era, but i do. i did have an opportunity to visit a couple of years ago with a trip through sac state, but i chickened out… oh well, my bad.


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