there are things…

that happen only in ceres. (they probably happen elsewhere, like in the deep-hick-redneck south, but let me live in my closed little world of california. also… no offense to anyone who fits the above description, Jesus loves you too!)

like driving down the road and seeing a cop with a mullet arresting three guys with mullets.

like a man tucking in his shirt while standing on a sidewalk of a busy road in modesto.

like the amount of stupid drivers per capita in ceres. i truly think that all migrate here. i know when i am getting close to ceres when the driving becomes erratic and alcohol has not influenced the driver.

like stopping for the chicken to cross the road. (i know that there is a joke deep down here, but i will let it go)

there are just so many other things, that i am afraid that it would take up a larger part of cyberspace than i am truly allotted.


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