God rocks!

today, God strategically put two indecencies in my path that were just what i needed.

this morning, once arriving at my traditional wednesday morning coffee gathering, and knowing that two of the three regulars are out of town, one of the non-regulars (who because of work couldn’t attend, but i kept updated with our emails) was there. when i first entered the coffee shop i didn’t recognize him, he also had his head buried in paper work, but then when he looked up i recognized him.
we had a fabulous conversation. he sufficiently reminded me of a lot of what i want to do, within youth ministry and beyond, as well as giving me some much needed hope.

the second was tonight when no kids showed up for youth group.not quite sure what to make of it yet, and i am sure that i will find out soon, but it was great to talk to someone. i spent the evening talking to my sole volunteer, a newly retired member of my congregation that has stepped up to the plate to model a life lived following after Jesus the best he can.

today is just what i needed.

God rocks!


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