the wonder of summer

summer is such a great time to be doing youth ministry. ten months out of the year we are confined to do ministry in the box of school. kids are in school throughout the day and then they have homework and sports and ffa and whatever other extra curricular activities they are a part of.

now, it’s summer vacation and this is the best time to be a part of youth ministry!

not only do i have great memories of summer while i was in junior high and high school, but i also have great memories of being with kids at random times during the summer. what other time of year can you call up a kid and say, “hey, let’s go bowling” or “let’s grab a some coffee” at random times, like 10 a.m. (which is usually getting them out of bed) or 2 p.m.

bottom line… summer is a great time of year to be doing youth ministry!!!


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