a new level

this take the concept of "wrong" to an entirely new level!

huggable urns

i cannot begin to describe how wrong this truly is… yes, i know that we all grieve in a different way and that in order for us to complete the process we need to do what we need to do, but come on folks, this is just wrong.

memorable moments can’t be created posthumously! what kind of message is being sent that we can be consoled by a thing, an object. if we are truly Bible believing people, then we need to realize that the ashes, body or whatever is not our loved one anymore.

all i have to remind you of is the scene in Meet the Parents when Greg knocks over the urn with Grandma’s ashes in them… i can just see it now… a dog goes over the edge, tears the teddy bear apart, and there is Grandma flying all over the living room!

what happens now?


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