Hey y’all….

Today i am writing you to do several things…

1. inform y’all that i am now equipped with a brand new iBook G4… and it’s beautiful! i love it! i haven’t been separated since i opened the box. i take it everywhere i go. (OK, i do know this sounds scary. but i want to assure all of you that this will fade in the coming weeks. i will go back to normal, if one can even put me in that category, and all will be well with the world.)

2. i am having a contest! here are the details…

i have a great affinity of naming my electronic products, especially me apple products. my iPod is Stella, my shuffle is Lucy, my old iBook was Betsy, my old PowerBook is George, my old iMac is Ruth.
so now my mac family has expanded to a new iBook G4, 14 inch! and now the newbie needs a name, and to be completely honest i am stumped. this is where y’all come in handy…

i want to pick your brains for a name for my pretty new iBook. here are a few guidelines to follow…
there are no gender specifications, unlike a baby i can go with the gut feeling when it comes to gender.
the name needs to be clean and should be a name that you would not be ashamed to tell your mom what it is
no foreign languages that i do not understand!
needs to fun and creative
and remember funny gets extra bonus points!

to enter this contest, please email me the suggestion and the reasoning behind it. The contest opens Friday, May 12 at 9:28 a.m. and will end Friday, May 19 at 1:36 p.m. you can submit to my email at abbyfox2005@yahoo.com or post a comment here.

Now for those of you who only do things to gain something for yourself in return, you know of whom i speak, there is a prize being offered. as some of you know… we actually most of you should know this by now (and if you don’t, are you living under a rock?) that i love to cook! in fact in my much more amazing parallel, materialistic life that i lead (OK, not really but it sounds great!) i am a famous chef!
anyway, back to reality…. i will offer the winner, a full breakfast, lunch or dinner for them and a select number of other fun people down on the farm! (a.k.a. at my house in Ceres!) yes i know gas prices are out of the sky, but hey where else can you get not only my cooking, but also my fun charm? and look at it this way, being at my house increases the chances of me doing something completely embarrassing and stupid and you will be there to be a witness!

OK, so this contest is void where prohibited, blah, blah, blah, legal mumbo jumbo, etc.

i know this is long, and i appreciate you reading it!

thank you and may the Lord bless you and your feet this day!



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