i’m back…

no, i didn’t go away, but i did get a new computer over the weekend. so here is the story…

thursday afternoon i was talking to my mom and she mentioned that a loan company called her checking up on me because she is my closest living relative. she asked about the loan and what it was for and i told here that i needed to buy a new computer. i really is difficult to take an online class when you have no computer to be online with. so instead of me paying off this loan for the rest of my mortal life, singing over my first born (if they were so lucky) and jumping through twelve hoops that are on fire, she agreed to loan me the money for the new computer!

i am now a proud owner of a new iBook G4 and i love it! there are some differences between the new and old computers…

wifi is amazing! remembering back to when i would take my computer places and i always had a ton of stuff to carry, unload and plug in, now it’s just the computer when the battery is low!

bluetooth rocks! my new mouse is connected to the computer by bluetooth, no usb receiver, no other stuff to worry about. it even has an on/off switch and a fun little case.

the independence of a computer at home. it’s true, i do have a computer in my office that is brand new and i can and do use for personal reasons. however, this is so much nicer.

did i mention wifi and bluetooth?

i am already personally attached to it. that’s not a difference, it’s just down right scary… imagine if i had a child.


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