this just demonstrates just how weird i really am…

i have my regular routine when i come into the office everyday, and on the rare occasion that my routine is foiled i jump back on the horse and go off riding into the sunset.

so this is how it works: it all begins when i pull into my parking space. (there are tow in our parking lot that have reserved painted on the curb. i was told early on by our former pastor that since him and i are the only two full time employees, i should just park in the other one.) i gather my things together, fish out my office keys for the depths of my purse and then make my way inside. i go through the office door, because it is unlocked, say hi to brenda our fabulous office manager, take a left into the youth room and a right towards my office door. i unlock the door, push it open, deposit my baggage on my desk and in the empty chair, sit down and turn on the computer. once waiting for the computer to boot up, (is that term still really used? one would think that they would come up with something a less shoe oriented.) and then begin checking my messages.

this is where is gets exciting, hold on…. after aim is done loading i click on the outlook and explorer icons. once at my explorer home page i check my yahoo mail to see what crap has found its way into my in box. after i am done here i then head over to the outlook. after i am done with the outlook portion of the program i then head back to internet explorer and begin checking the daily blogs, (yes there are several that i read pretty religiously) then on to the sac bee, ny times, relevant mag and sometimes for good measure usa today.

after all that (this is the nut graph!) i then check the stats of this blog. i like to see how many people have been checking this out. i am proud to say that i am averaging about 1.28 hits a day! woohoo! that is exciting. slowly but shurly my plan to take over the world is beginning to come together!

this post brought to you by…

abby looking for anything to do, expect clean her office!


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