i was only looking forward to the ham

for the first time in a long time my presence was requested at a family gathering for easter at my mom’s house. i was not able to live here until about 3 p.m., which meant i did not get to sacramento until about 4:30 p.m. (but i wasn’t driving the speed limit, so i actually got there at about 4 p.m.) when i arrived on the scene, everyone was in the drive way loading into cars to leave. they were all there: my step-sister, step-brother, step-brother’s girlfriend, step-sister’s two kids, step-brother’s son, step-dad and my mom.

after i had been there for a totally of five minutes, just long enough to pay attention to the dog, my step-brother handed me the camera and said, "hey abby, can you take a picture of the family?"

question: am i not part of the family?

answer: well, apparently i am not. because i took a picture of the "family" and i was the camera person who was not included in the family. glad to know that i am only there to take the picture.

the bottom line is that i was only really looking forward to seeing my mom, step-dad and having ham for dinner. all three were accomplished, and i even threw in a technology lesson for my mom teaching her how to use the photo printer she bought.

all-in-all it wasn’t a bad family gathering, considering i got there when everyone was leaving. but when did they just automatically decided that i was not a part of the family? and who gave them the power to do that?

although i really do not want to be a part of their family, it still hurts to be so completely excluded like that.


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