i don’t like holy week

it’s holy week, and to be completely honest i really don’t like holy week. now i love the build-up to christmas, but not holy week. now some would argue and say that is because come sunday, there will be no gifts under the tree. however, i truly disagree, because easter sunday is the day that we are celebrating the rising of Jesus Christ!

He has risen… He has risen indeed!

i am completely and truly thankful for what He did for me, for dying on the cross in our place, for loving us so completely and unconditionally, for being there when we call on Him, for healing, for truth, for realness, for wanting the best for us, for leading us, for allowing us to discover who He has made us to be and so much more.

you see, the problem as i see it is that satan puts in overtime during this week. in fact i think that he works even harder this week than any other week. i know that i am more aware of it and i see it more this week. so far i have seen numerous car accidents, know people who are sick and i have been more sensitive to the needs of many people.

God has spent the last week breaking my heart, and frankly i can use some good right now!


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