just another friday afternoon

this past friday i spent the afternoon with my ywam friends on south 9th street in modesto. i have been to homeless shelters, given food out to people who do not have any and seen a lot of poverty in different areas. but this day was different.

we began our time praying, and my prayer was the Jesus would open my eyes and heart to what He wanted me to see and experience. and sure enough… He did just that!

i will be the first to admit that i have a hard time with adults who make bad choices, refuse help or anything else along that genre. but when it comes to kids, i am not a happy camper. i met two groups of kids, one at the arrow motel and the other at the shiva motel. and although there were a good handful of them, there were several whose faces have been embossed on my brain since friday.

the first is baby d at the shiva. he is a small guy, maybe four or five years old at the most. he loves bubbles and has a wonderful smile. the only way that he knows to communicate and get attention is through hitting. we saw him hitting his brother a lot and he has very few words to use. the second was anjelica at the arrow motel. she was playful and had a great smile. she loved goofing off, running around and having fun.

since friday, i can’t seem to close my eyes without picturing them. i want to do something to help, to make their life a little better. truth be told, i want to bring them home. not that i think that i can do better, but it would be doing something and getting them out of the motel.

so here is my plan of action. i am going to go out with the guys at least once a month and give attention to the kids. i want to love on them like Jesus would love on them. i want to bring a little joy and maybe some hope in their lives, where they may not have any idea nor have ever experienced hope and joy.


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  1. Thanks so much for coming. All we can do is what we can do…we can do something. And that something is a little easier the more of us who are out there. Thanks for your heart, your willingness to be broken and your desire to be there. We’ll go together.

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