i almost cried…

this was dan’s first sunday in the pulpit. i was a little apprehensive yesterday and this morning before i got here. but once he was up front talking to us, almost like he a had done hundreds of times before, i was completely comfortable.

i was glad to hear his story and how God placed people and incidents and events into his life that helped him go from baptist preacher to atheists/agnostic to presbyterian pastor. i fully appreciated his sharing about his struggles to comprehend God. his struggles that he had that were creating a void between being a christian and believing what the american christian culture teaches us and actually having the intellectual knowledge that God is real.

but the thing that got me misty eyed was when he challenged the entire congregation to think about someone this week, pray for them and then bring them to church next week. amidst all of what he was telling us about himself, he wanted to make sure we were all aware that he wants us all to know that he is concerned for all who still do not know that magnificent love, grace and mercy that God has for us. although he will only be here a year to a year and half at the most, he was confident in his message of getting more people in the chairs on sunday mornings, and told everyone that we will add chairs when it becomes necessary.

i am so excited for dan to be here. i think he will give the kick in the butt that we all need around here. he is not a rough as i am, which will go a lot farther than i will with the same message. within his 25 minute sermon, God set me on fire again for this church and ceres and the possibilities that are in front of all of us for His kingdom!

God rocks!


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