seven months

exactly today i have been here seven months. sometimes it seems like i have been here for at least a year, but other times i am shocked that time has gone by so quickly.

God rocks! what more can i say? plenty…

yesterday when i got back to the church from coffee with ceres youth pastors, i sat in my car and just looked at what was in front of me. not in front of me in my life journey, but really in front of me, something i haven’t done since being here.

i am a constantly moving person. i need to going, going, going most of the time. this is where i have extroverted tendencies, which my mom cannot really understand or relate to. so, for me to take some time and just set and really take in what is in front of me is a big thing to do. i often find myself looking at things, but not really seeing them. i find that the world is truly a beautiful place, even in ceres!

just the other night when i was taking to garbage to the curb, i stopped in the middle of my driveway and looked up at the sky. one benefit of living in the middle of an orchard is that there is not a lot of extra lights that get in the way of the night sky. the night was beautiful. the moon was full and filled the night with bright light that a nothing else could replicate. i stood there, it was a bit chilly, noticing the clouds float by with the glow of the sun highlighting their edges. it was beautiful. the only thing i can think to compare it to is a amazingly illustrated children’s book with deep rich colors that pop off the page.

so, when i did this yesterday i was amazed at what i saw. i saw the grass that previously i had look at with the gofer holes, but now i saw spring emerging from the ground. the dandelions were popping up everywhere. i saw a junior high school that i know has struggles. i saw a woman sitting on the back of a truck while it was going down the street and she was hanging onto a chopping cart.

for the first time since being in ceres i saw God is His creation. after the realization, i let out this big sigh of relief… relief of knowing that i am absolutely supposed to be here.

thank you God!


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