abby & the serach for the holy burrito

i have been thinking about burritos a lot lately. burritos come from a northern mexican border town. they were popularized in texas and then have spread across the country. living in california, epically in the sacramento, we are exposed to many variations of the burrito. from the more traditional found in the hispanic rich parts of sacramento to the commercialized mcdonald’s version at chipolte (which by the way is a smoked jalapeno pepper) burritos are found almost every where. you can’t drive down a street without seeing a burrito place.

then while in college, i found my burrito mecca… gordito burrito. not only were they close to my house, once i transfered to sac state, there was one on campus. where else could i get a big burrito, chips and salsa all for under four bucks? nowhere!

fast forward to now… i live in ceres, where there is no gordito burrito. on one of the man streets i count over 10 mexican restaurants within about a mile and half. so, with logical dedication applied, i should be able to find a great burrito establishment in the highly hispanic populace of ceres.

well, my hopes were fading and fading fast. but then i was inspired by my high school students to try burrito king one last time. under the great instruction of steven, i ordered the king burrito, no guac with carne asada.

i have found the holy grail of burritos. the search is over!

more on burritos later!

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