so i tend to check out my own blog page. not just to boost the reader stats (yes, it does make me feel good to imagine that there is someone out there who my be reading this!) but do check the grammer and spelling.

you see, i have dyslexia. while there are many types of dyslexia i have two different types. the first one, which is mild, is where i transpose letter while reading. (this is the most known type) the other is where i am unable to comprehend sounds… so phonics is not a great way for me to lean to read… which i already have done… twice, once when i was a kid in school and again after the dyslexia diagnosis. the bottom line is when i try to sound out a word, i can not comprehend the letters… it basically sucks.

i am telling my faithful reader this because you may notice some spelling mistakes or grammer mistakes. the first reaction would be to write this off as someone who is just too lazy to check their post before posting it, but alas i am not that lazy. i truly do not get it when i make these mistakes. i need to step away for it and then come back to it, usually a day or two later. (this is why writing papers in school took days, even weeks!)


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