the computer has left the building

i function so well with a routine. when i deviate from that… well let’s just say things do not get done when they should be done. case in point… my laundry.

doing laundry is the vain of my existence. not that i necessarily want disposable clothes, but i really dislike doing laundry. i have to strategically plan out what i am going to where when, then collect the clothing the needs to be laundered, then gather the supplies including the appropriate amount of quarters and shove off to the laundry mat. once there you load the machine and so on… i hate doing laundry! But i do highly enjoy wearing clean clothes!

i missed my regular laundry day and went this last Wednesday morning. upon returning home i noticed my back door was open. when i looked again i noticed that the door was prayed open. i surveyed the inside and noticed that my computer was gone. i immediately called the sheriff’s department. they came out, took a report, finger printed the joint and left. once everyone was gone i sat down at my dining table (too big to get through the door probably) and began praying.

i asked god that the person or people who did this would get caught and be held accountable. not just so that i can recover my stuff, although that would be nice, but also so that he could place someone in their life that will demonstrate the amazing love that god had for each one of us. i thought about how we as Christians are supposed to pray for our enemies. these people are not my enemies, they just made a really dumb decision to break into my house and steal some of my stuff. but god loves them too!


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