final love…

i had a light bulb moment this morning while heading through the starbucks drive through…

i was thinking about love, this being valentine’s day and all, and remembered when i was a kid that there were many times that i felt loved. i also remember times when i didn’t feel love. i realized that some of those time did go hand in hand with moments in which i did something stupid like shove a bar of soap up the bath tub faucet. (another story for another time… but funny nonetheless!) even thought my parents loved me unconditionally, i felt at time that i needed to do things to get them to love me. or i had to be a certain way for them to love me.

the great thing about God’s love, here is the light bulb moment part, is that God created us a specific way. He made us with specific faults and weird attributes that could possible just bug the snot out of other people. but no matter what we do, how many mistakes we make or how many bars of soap we shove up the bath tub faucet, God will love us! His grace will cover us!

I absolutely adored my dad, after all i was his one and only daughter. and i messed up a lot! but he loved me until the moment that he died, and i knew it. as i am on this journey searching for love in the real world, i often looking for complete unconditional love. i remembered this morning that i already have it… from God. 


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