more love

tonight i talked about the 6 different types of love. the kids did a really good job of guessing what the different types of love were, which i was pleasantly surprised about. i have been thinking about how the different types of love intersect with each other. i have been thinking about how our culture leans towards one type of love more than another.

at the intersection of love i think that we tend to get confused and sometimes distracted by unimportant things. too many of us take what is eros love, lust confused for love, and make it to be the real thing, the motivator that propels to think that we are to spend the rest of our live with someone. then later down the line, the eros goes away and then what are we left with? this could be part of the answer to high divorce rate, but is it really that simple.

no, it’s not. i think that it is easy for us to read john 3:16 and completely graze over what God really did. "For God SO LOVED the world, that He gave His ONLY son." it’s not "God loved the world…" but it’s "God SO loved…" that’s huge! the complete and amazing love, the agape love, that God gives us is completely unable to be measured by our human and mundane standards. most of the time we are unable to have a complete understanding of His love. most of the time we take for granted His love.

as a culture we often tend to feel that we need love for completeness. jerry maguire told dorthy that she completed him. jack and rose’s love was unsinkable, just like the ship. we place all of these "great" love stories up on pillars and measure our capacity of love by these. what we fail to do is to recognize that the most complete love that we will ever feel is the love of God. and until we are able to truly able to accept God’s love for everything that it is and completely surrender to it, we will never be able to truly love another person.

the greatest teacher about love is God and God alone!


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