why do we hurt the people that we claim to love?

the space between intentional hurt and unintentional hurt can be far or near… but we still do it.

i know that i have had my share… there have been plenty of times where my mind has been a constant loop of all my mistakes and the things that i have done to hurt different people in my life that i have claimed that i love. but the truth is that i do love them… i think that i just tend to put conditions on love that is truly intended to unconditional.

i think that love needs to be more than just lip service. the actions behind the words will speak louder and more often than any words that any human being can say.

God did not just say that He loved us, but He gave His son and placed Him on the cross. Not only did He die on the cross, but He was humiliated and tortured. He was taken through town and shown to all the people, according to the roman soldiers He was the example of what not to do. He endured all of that for us…

for me. I am supposed to be on the cross… I am supposed to go through the humiliation of being taken through the town while carrying a cross. But God acted differently… God’s actions have spoken louder than any words I might hear.


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