ct live

as any good fan would do, i rushed over to my iTunes and purchased chris tomlin’s newest album. (OK, so i know that they are no longer albums and the fact that i purchased it off of iTunes and still use that reference makes me really old.)

i have a habit of listening to new music while working and having it looped, so i listen to every song again and again. i realized that i momentarily forgot the greatness of worship. listening to the crowd in the background takes me back to the first time i heard tomlin while on the passion tour in 2001.

october 26, 2001: the passion tour rolled through sacramento. my friends had told me that i needed to go to the concert, but i really was not wanting to. i went to our friendly local christian bookstore and got the last ticket in sacramento. at the time i didn’t think anything about it, but now i see God’s hand in all of it. i think i felt ever emotion that night. i went to the concert completely not expecting to meet God, but there He was… very sneaky on His part.

i can honestly say that my faith journey has included a lot of music. when i think back to certain events, i can honestly hear a sound track playing.

what’s on your soundtrack?


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