christmas reflections

every year, around this time, my feelings are torn. this is the purgatory (just go with me on this one) for the holiday season. it is the in between time. we have sang Christmas carols, made Christmas cookies, eaten the Christmas cookies, lit candles, worshiped the baby Jesus and a bunch of other stuff; now we sit and wait for the new year. the celebration that will usher in another year. for some it is the part of all parties, and for others it is just another night.

it usually takes me a couple of weeks to think back on Christmas and think about how impactful Jesus was in my season and how impactful i was for him. but now, which one could chalk up to being in ministry professionally, i seem to have more Jesus on the brain. not to say that during all of the christmas’ past i haven’t had Jesus on the brain, it has just been in a different way. this year i have actually thought about the real impact of the birth of Jesus on this world. i read a lot about Joseph this season. i focused on his calling from God. i saw in the scriptures (my own, non-scholarly interpretation) that he did it, but he hesitated. i saw that Joseph was dedicated to what God had planned for him, but there was a tiny bit of protest. i related to Joseph.

never would i have guessed that i would have ended up in Ceres working at a church. never would i have guessed that i would have the privilege and blessing of teaching about Jesus as my job. never did i imagine that i would love my grow-up job so much, i really can’t imagine doing anything else. one of the biggest leaps of faith that i took was this past summer when i moved down here, away from my friends and family, and took this job. if i didn’t trust Jesus completely then i would have never ended up here.

Jesus rocks!


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