countdown to christmas

i am making lists and checking them twice. do i have everything i need for my traditional Christmas baking? do i have all the presents that i need? do i have everything i need for the Christmas eve service and my sermon?

i think i have everything that i need on a list… somewhere.

the countdown to Christmas continues.

this truly has be one of the most unusual holiday seasons. a wave of odd feelings have come over me in the last several weeks. not participating in my usual holiday adventures with friends has proven to be somewhat strange. not running around like a chicken with my head cut off (something of the norm of working at a church, epically during the Christmas holiday season) has thrown me off course. and to top it all off for this year, i am responsible for the Christmas eve service. wow!

in my preparation for my sermon, i have been looking at Joseph and his encounter with the angel. Joseph was an upstanding man with integrity, not many of those around today, who did not want to bring public disgrace to Mary. he wanted to quietly divorce her, instead of handing her over to be stoned to death. but an angel of the Lord appeared and said no. Joseph was obedient and continued on with the journey.


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