can a church close? part 1

Yes, a church can close. If a congregation were to all die off, not do any outreach and be all about themselves, then yes the church will close. the lights will be turned off and the doors locked all for the last time.

recently in Ripon, there was a pastor who sold his church without the congregation knowing. Not only was this front page, above the fold, in the upper right quadrant of the Modest Bee, (translation: big news!) it was the topic of Sunday morning jokes from pulpit across the Central Valley. the guy was caught, after he bought his girlfriend a BMW with cash (I don’t think he bought his wife and kids anything) and someone questioned where a Central Valley pastor had $50,000+ cash to drop on a BMW. I am surprised that he though he could get away with it in the west coast bible belt!

at one point, turlock had the most churches in US per capita. the yellow pages for stanislaus county (yes, the whole county!) has pages and pages of churches listed. i am constantly meeting pastors of new church plants here in the valley. so what gives? why are pastors cheating their congregations? why are churches closing?

the original spark for this rant came from another blog that discussed the them this Christmas season of mega churches closing their doors on Sunday, December 25. if a mega church, or any church for that matter, feels that they can close on a Sunday what is that saying to the congregation? to non christians? to the world?

this disturbe me. we are not called to worship on Sunday mornings. we are called to offer our bodies as living sacrifices, holy and pleasing to God. (Romans 12:1-2) We are called to remember the Sabbath by keeping it holy. (Exodus 20:8)

I am scared that we live in a world that where there is one pastor who thought that it was OK to sell the church, and where a church feels that it is OK to close its doors on a Sunday morning.

there will be more to come…


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