the mouse in my house

I knew moving into a house which is situated on an orchard would create opportunities for encounters with the rodent type. So far there have been two opportunities, which I might add I have handled beautifully!

The first was a couple of weeks after I moved in. I got home from a youth event on a Saturday night and as I was sitting in the living room I noticed this gray thing move across the floor. Sure enough it was a mouse. I rallied the troops, gathered my senses, sucked it up and went to WalMart for the important mouse trap purchase. Once there I found enclosed mouse traps, so when the mouse goes in the trap kills it and closes so I do not have to see the dead mouse when I go to remove the trap… it works well!

The latest interaction with the rodent kind began on Monday evening. I came home for a long session meeting, turned on the light in the living room and there the little guy went darting around a corner. I screamed, it probably did some type of mouse scream/panic attack and I took off for WalMart again! (Midnight trips to WalMart are a little odd. But that it another post for another day.) Upon my return home I was exhausted and decided to go to bed and set the traps in the morning.

Morning came, I was running late and no traps got set. I returned home after a long day and there it was in the middle of the living room on top of the heating grate. I had entered the house and turned on several lights and made noise. Nothing… it did not budge. So I began freaking out. I couldn’t handle the thought of having to move a dead mouse… yuck.

So I called Alan, landlord and neighbor, and he came over to remove the mouse. As he went to scoop it up with a garden shovel, it moved. The mouse wasn’t dead… it was alive! I screamed, Alan was startled. He said, "Well, I’m going to kill it. So you may want to step outside." I flew to the back porch and a few moments later Alan came out with the mouse in the shovel. He deposited it into the orchard for proper decomposition, and to add a little fertilizer.

It took me a while to settle down and I am still a bit paranoid about the a mouse having the run of my house. I just wish that we could all get along…

Maybe a peace treaty is just around the corner?

Don’t hold your breath, I’m not!


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