stuck on a thought

for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God – Romans 3:23 (NIV)

i am not sure why this has stuck with me today, but it has. for the last several hours, as i have been pecking away at the keyboard attempting to accomplish some things on my never ending to-do list, this verse keeps coming back to me.

paul is quite a succinct writer, he does not cut corners nor does he mix words. he lays it out for what it is, no beating around the bush with paul.

Barclay tells us that Paul’s intentions for us is to understand the message that God is love, and that we can go to Him without fear of retribution because Jesus died on the cross. OT law would have us bring an animal sacrifice that would then bring us back into a right relationship with God. Now we do not need to do that because Jesus took our place.

what a thing to happen for us. God, the God of love, sent His only son to be our sacrifice.

i do not think that my awe of the event will ever be quenched. in fact, i hope that it never is. i fear if it ever does, then that means i have become too complacent with my relationship with God and idea of my salvation may in fact turn into ideals that could be just theories and not real.

just a thought… it is still brewing…


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