100 things… done!

  1. i love Jesus
  2. Spending time in the kitchen cooking is not only a great stress relief for me, but it’s also my art
  3. dedicating my day, everyday, to God… and at the very beginning, is the best thing i can do in the morning! even better than breakfast
  4. knowing that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and my favorite, i am learning to eat it
  5. television is a medium that i feel gets too much of bum rap… but, excessiveness in any form is never good
  6. as a child i wanted to be an actor… not out of a need to perform or a need to be the center of attention… but the need to be a lawyer, doctor, cop, sales person, architect, planner, designer, dress maker, farmer, mom, wife, friend, chef, musician, conductor, President of the United States… i realized early on that if i was truly going to do all this, there was only one way to go about it… play them on tv!
  7. constantly loosing nalgene bottles means that i constantly replace them with new ones… then i find my old ones… needless to say, i have a collection
  8. as a child i did not like school… there was some struggle and a lot of boring-ness… as a college student i have fallen in love with learning and i can’t wait to enter into a classroom again
  9. dyslexia is only a bump on my road, not a road block… and truly, it’s a minor bump… not even an undulation… more like a pebble
  10. saw the tiny box-type homes for veal one day… haven’t knowingly eaten it since… and it’s ok
  11. sunkist soda, cheetos, carrots, orange candy slices, orange tic-tacs, orange jelly beans, orange gummy bears… it’s an odd orange thing, some of my favorites are
  12. yoda is da’ man!
  13. phil tattooed my right ankle… with my permission of course
  14. sucker for british chick lit… the good stuff
  15. can fry up a mean fried green tomato
  16. blessed constantly by relationships in my life
  17. biggest fan of sacramento… probably not ever… but it sure sounds good
  18. it is all about the venti, black iced tea… unsweetened of course
  19. sleep is a good thing… need to get some soon
  20. am a sucker for a good cook book
  21. Bible people i like: Paul, David, Job and Jesus
  22. although there are many that would disagree… the mac computer is the best invention ever… ok maybe not really, but it sounds good
  23. weak in the knees, uncontrollable smile, sense of calm and peace… my reactions when i walk into an apple store
  24. tight chest, shortness of breath, coughing… really hacking… oh, yeah… that’s an asthma attack
  25. best abby rebel moment: having an earing surgically removed from the upper cartilage of my left ear… there still a nick there, cartilage does not rejuvenate itself
  26. was in love… not too long ago… hope to be again… sooner rather than later
  27. news junkie to the core
  28. frequent listener to Mars Hill Seattle podcast… yet becoming more frequently annoyed with the arrogance of some of it
  29. eclectic music tastes… sugraland to aerosmith to michael buble to u2 to chris tomlin to david crowder to the temptations to otis redding to garth brooks to o.k. go to justin timberlake to herbie hancock to mat kearney to … really i could go on… but i will spare you.
  30. guilty pleasures: dancing with the stars and the bachelor/ette (sometimes)
  31. burritos are great!
  32. ok, i’ll admit it… i am a procrastinator… wish i were not, but i am
  33. i believe in the health benefits of dark chocolate
  34. can’t wait to be a full adult… currently only feel like a partial… it’s a big partial, but it’s a partial none the less
  35. i miss Sacramento
  36. i love sex and the city
  37. i love almost anything cranberry
  38. frozen milk chocolate m&m’s are the way to go!
  39. ideal vacation: kyaking, rafting, being near the beach within earshot of the waves crashing on the shore
  40. Point Reyes National Seashore is the most magical place on earth
  41. I highly enjoy the $1.69 hot dog and soda at Costco
  42. i have an odd obsession for stationary… although i am really bad at writing letters and mailing them
  43. i only use moleskin journals
  44. my favorite scripture: Romans 12:1&2… love is so much, i have it tattooed on my ankle
  45. gerbera daises are my favorite flower
  46. would love to be able to wear flip flops or sandals all year long
  47. fresh brewed iced tea with a slice of lemon is the perfect summer beverage
  48. starbucks: grade nonfat latte with two packets of honey
  49. i have an extensive recipe collection and a unique cookbook collection
  50. i am a beer snob… i do not drink most domestic beer… there are a few exceptions… can’t think of them right now, but i know there must be a few
  51. i really enjoy scrapbooking
  52. two greatest things ever written: the Bible and the Constitution of the United States of America.
  53. my very first career choice: tractor sales person (keep in mind i was three and saw Sacramento Ford Tractor Co. on the corner of Power Inn Road and 14th Avenue every time I went to my grandparents house)
  54. i hate snakes
  55. i have a list of ten things i want to ask God when i meet him… one of them is: “Why ice burg lettuce? seriously”
  56. i want to be comfortable, not rich
  57. paul newman makes some darn good spaghetti sauce
  58. i don’t give God enough credit in who he has created me to be… the gifts, talents and passions He has given me are things that are so much bigger than i am
  59. i have a tattoo… and thinking about another… maybe… maybe not… not sure… need to email phil
  60. i can kill bamboo… don’t trust me with any plants!
  61. i keep pets alive… i can be trusted with those… and small children… the more interactive the better!
  62. one of the young ladies in my junior high small groups thinks i am nuts… i think it’s a thought held by a lot of other people too… they are just afraid to tell me!
  63. fall/autumn is my favorite season
  64. i love tea… hot, iced… tea is great!
  65. apparently i forgot to sign my income tax return… the irs sent me a nice letter requesting that i sign it and send it to them… oops, my bad… i forget, hey they gave me my refund without the signature… the least they could have done was hold my money hostage… now there’s some motivation!
  66. i have a love/hate relationship with Mars Hill Church podcasts… well, actually it’s with Mark Driscoll
  67. i hate spring… summer comes in a close second… it all depends on the air quality
  68. i have had asthma since i was 3 years old
  69. love to cook… hate doing the dishes
  70. i dream about one day owning my own restaurant or catering business… and being a food writer
  71. i love to speak to groups of people
  72. i once told a group of pastors in a job interview that i had the spiritual gift of extortation… that’s what happens when i confuse the word for exhortation… two completely different meanings. after the hearty laugh from everyone… people were scared of me for a while.
  73. my bed is one of my all time favorite places in the world…. and no, that’s not an invitation
  74. another favorite place of mine is point reyes national seashore, point reyes, ca
  75. i am secretly love the high school musical trilogy… and am waiting for the final instillation to come out
  76. i love paul newman’s food
  77. sussing out what the true desires of my heart are… doing my best to set aside expectations of everyone else and American Christian culture
  78. can’t imagine life without music… and i am pretty much all over the board: top 40, country, r&b, blues, oldies, hymns (modern and old)
  79. i heart youth workers
  80. i have a call… to vocational ministry
  81. meeting with a spiritual director is not weird… actually it’s pretty great!
  82. i will commit to being a life long YS volunteer… if they’ll have me… they may at some point get tired of me… let’s test the boundaries!
  83. my heart will go on (there is absolutely no reference here to the cheesy celine deion theme to titanic)
  84. i love to travel and staying in hotels… it was nice to walk into my room every night and to see that my bed was made and i had clean towels!
  85. i love books… and Bibles… they’re neat!
  86. i want to decrease myself and increase the Lord
  87. i am beginning to discover that a life without grace is an impossible life to live
  88. tradition calms my heart and new-ness excites it!
  89. i love Christmas music… and just might start listening to it all year long
  90. i love brussel sprouts and loath lima beans.
  91. i love the fog.
  92. i love my family.
  93. i once told a pastor that i have the spiritual gift of extortion… but what i really meant to say was exhortation.
  94. i have dyslexia.
  95. go God!
  96. my hope is that one day i will hear “well done, good and faithful servant”
  97. the older i get, the more injustices heart my heart
  98. i am a pepsi fan
  99. i love the french toast at denny’s.
  100. i do not like rodents.

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